If you would like to book a reading please email or phone to check availability. My prices are as follows:

Astrology and Tarot, in depth consultation:  £90 (includes an hour's prep work on your chart beforehand and an hour and a half with me in person.)

Follow ups or shorter sessions: £70 for the hour.

Horary: Prices vary between £60 and £120 depending upon the question and subject matter; for example, medical questions often cost more than questions of a more general nature.  Please submit your question in as simple a way as possible to me via email or phone. Please also state whether your question is urgent or not. Once agreed that we will go ahead, I will study the chart of the moment of your question and give you a written response.

Flower Essence Tinctures: £30  per half hour session. This can either be via email, phone, or in person. 

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