Donna has received positive feedback for all her work. Below is a sample of praise for her astrological forecasting columns in magazines. For other testimonials, please select your area of interest.

'Dear Donna, I want to thank you for your monthly columns in the Sedona Journal. They have been such a healing balm for me. Once again, thanks.' Panky. USA

'I have been around the block a few times and have been to and read many astrologers and Donna is the best, most comprehensive and accessible of any astrologer I have ever read in print. I miss her writings as part of my personal spiritual practice and decision-making process as to timing of projects. She was the shining star of your magazine.' - Lee Bishop USA

'..a quick note to thank you for the work you are doing. I purchase the magazine only because of your contribution.' - B. Valek USA.

'Where did you go? I really miss your monthly astrological reports; no one compares to how you write.' - B.Johnson.USA

'Just a quick note to say I have read the Stars for June. Wow! How good are you? Excellent. I think you are either very talented or else you have looked inside my head to see what was going on. More than likely the former.'  Anonynous. UK

'I love your predictions in the Sedona Journal of Emergence -- this month's seems "right on" for me.'     R N Wasser.  USA

'Dear Donna, I read your forecasts in the Sedona Journal every month and think they are fantastic.' Barbara Grinnell USA

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