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"Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be. If we do our best, we are a success." 

~ Zig Ziglar


2018 is the year when you finally get to sit down, put your feet up and heave a huge sigh of relief! Of course, being an Aries you won't want to sit about relaxing for too long, but the fact that you at least have the option to enjoy a slower, easier pace of life will I'm sure, be welcome news after the roller-coaster events of previous years. If life has left you feeling wired or a little bit of a nervous wreck, you can highlight May on your calendar as the month when you begin to regain your sanity. That's not to say that the last few years have been bad, it's just that you might be tiring of the unpredictability, chaos and upheavals. All the changes that have happened during the last seven years though were almost certainly necessary in order to catapult you into a new life; and that's exactly what Uranus travelling through your sign has done. But now his job is almost complete and you can look forward to a time of increasing stability. However, one area of your life that may not be so stable is your financial and material world. Here we can expect one or two changes, and if you can apply a little bit of innovative change to your material circumstances, from how you earn your living or generating more cash, to acquiring the things that you own or would like to possess, then you will find that the revolutionary power of Uranus works with you to bring some most positive developments. The key is to not be too attached to anything you own, nor to be attached to how the money will come. In fact, with Jupiter in your zone of other people's money, you will find that money comes exactly when you need it.

So there is little need to worry in 2018 because you are being conferred a certain amount of financial protection. Your main challenge this year will be increasing responsibility; it seems that it is time for you to take on a bigger role and if you're at all ambitious, 2018 will see you rising to a position of success and achievement. Just remember to smell the roses along the way.





'Don't ask yourself what the world needs.  Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.'

~ H. Thurman


Hang onto your hat Taurus, for 2018 is going to be the year you look back on and say 'wow, what happened there?' Prepare yourself for change, excitement, unpredictability and revolution. Uranus enters your sign in May 2018 bringing an end to stagnation and boredom and opening the door to a seven year period of change. The purpose of Uranus journeying through one's sign is to create a new life. This won't happen immediately, so don't be worrying that your life is about to change beyond all recognition. It's a seven year process of gradual change as Uranus works to liberate you from stagnant or restrictive situations and bring new opportunities into your world. You may already be witnessing changes, especially if you're an early born Taurus, but it's important to remember that as a steady fixed sign you don't always cope too well with too much going on. You do like and need a certain amount of stability, comfort and predictability so work towards keeping those areas of your life that give you stability in good health, whether it's your home, an important relationship or a hobby. Nurture those areas of life that give you meaning and allow the rest to morph into interesting vistas. If the opportunity comes for example, to study so that you can have a better future, take it. Or if you receive opportunities for a more colourful personal life, accept with gratitude. Uranus isn't just about change for change's sake; it's about authenticity and the freedom to live according to one's own truth. Look out for those people, opportunities and events that will proffer a more authentic life.


Ultimately 2018 is a year that will offer you glimpses of a more colourful life. From relationships that feel happier and healthier to a sense that life is moving forward in a constructive manner, this is a year to embrace change, knowing that it will be for your greater good.





"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like."

~  Lao Tzu


All you really want to know in 2018 is if life will get any easier. The simple answer is yes. Saturn's long journey through your relationship zone has brought a certain amount of trial and tribulation to your personal life, and life in general. You may have felt that the world was opposing you at every turn making life feel arduous to say the least. But enough of the past. Saturn leaves your opposite sign and enters Capricorn at the end of 2017, just in time for you to greet 2018 with a greater sense of joy and optimism. There are still challenges ahead as Saturn moves into your zone of transformation and rebirth, necessitating the need to shed your old skin. That's the painful bit, but after the last couple of years you're probably more than ready to let go of some stuff you no longer need. And the more you can let go of the healthier you'll be. This could be a very cathartic year when you emerge lighter, brighter and more able to take on the world. Uranus' shift into Taurus also sounds the note of inner cleansing, so do the emotional work; let go of the inner pain, release your sadness, find a constructive outlet for any anger and trust that a rebirth is taking place.

That will put you in prime position to capitalise on your opportunities which will most likely be found in your work and daily life. So aside from life getting easier, 2018 should see you expanding at work and feeling like you have more to give, which should in turn, have the knock on effect of making your daily life feel more joyful.

And finally, Jupiter's journey through your health zone could be good news if you've not been feeling great, so long as you make the effort with your diet and lifestyle. Too much of a good thing is often Jupiter's downfall, so aim for moderation and you should find that your health becomes the foundation upon which you can create great things. In the words of an Arabian Proverb, "He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything."




    "If I could do it over again, there would be a hand I'd take...and a silence I'd break."

   ~ Robert Brault.

There's no getting away from it Cancer, 2018 is going to be largely about relationships. How this pans out depends largely on the current state of play in your personal life, whether your relationships and - in particular, your primary relationship - is healthy or not. So on the one hand, you could see a strengthening of a particular bond, experience a commitment or discover a sense of being able to whether any storm together. Or, on the other hand, there could be a total restructuring. Saturn and Pluto in your marriage zone will make it impossible to turn a blind eye to problems. But they will also bring the potential for powerful transformations in any relationship that's still worth its salt. This then, could be a year of marriages and divorces, highs and lows, passion and ice. But ultimately it's about you becoming more assertive, more clear about what you want in a relationship and levelling the playing field to create a more equal sense of power. So be neither a pushover nor a bully and if it all feels too much at times, take refuge in your hobbies and creative activities. Because this is an area of life that will be a real source of joy for you in 2018, so whatever ignites your heart, whether it's painting, photography, dance, music, crafts, sports, games or something else, remember the importance of recreation. It is through our fun and creative pastimes that we literally recreate ourselves and as you create yourself anew you will have a much clearer idea of what you want from your relationships. And from life in general.




 "Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded."

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


We generally take our health for granted, until something goes wrong, at which point we realise that if we haven't got our health we haven't got anything. Without health we can't go out into the world and create great things, nor can we enjoy all the gifts that make our lives special. Everything feels like a major effort and we become irritable at the pain, discomfort or lack of energy in our body. Given that 2018 is going to be a year that brings exciting changes in your direction as well as conferring blessings in your home and family situation, it makes sense to ensure that you're in as good a physical a state as possible to enjoy it. And yet, this may be easier said than done. Saturn's entry into your health zone alongside Pluto is likely to bring some challenges and reveal areas of weakness in your wellbeing. So what's going on here? Well, if we take the body to be a mirror for what's going on at a deeper level, we could see any symptoms of malaise as s sign of something amiss at a soul level. Frustrations and problems at work may also be signals that you could be 'off path'. Your challenge then, for the year ahead, is to reconnect with your soul so that you can fulfil your destiny and move into alignment with your true purpose. This may require you to be bold and take a risk, but at least you'll find that your energy begins to flow and your body begins to sing.




"A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something."

~ Frank Capra

The combination of Saturn and Pluto is an arduous one that speaks of hardship, survival and nose to the grindstone toil and sweat. But for you this pairings' arrival in your zone of creativity, fun and recreation is about as good as it can get because if you can work hard at your play some quite startling results could occur. And let's face it, there are plenty worse things at having to work hard at than fun and play! It may be for example, that you feel compelled to persevere with a creative interest, which could have a transformative result on yourself and others. Or you could wake up one morning realising that as the artist of your life you want to rip up the canvass and create something more colourful, more vibrant, more meaningful and more in alignment with your heart's desire. In other words, 2018 is a year which will demand that you are true to yourself. You have to be resolute here and not give in to society's expectations of needing to earn x amount of money, to be successful and obtain the big house and new car, or to do the sensible thing and work at a soul-destroying job while your heart pines for its true vocation. So you may need to be bold and courageous in your bid to march to your own drumbeat. You may not end up any wealthier but you will end the year with a greater sense of happiness and fulfilment. So hold onto your dream, keep the faith, break a few rules and let your heart be your guide.



'The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.'
 ~ Confucius

As we look around the world and see the chaos unfolding we might all do well to meditate on Confucius' wise words. It seems like many of us have forgotten about the integrity of the home as we all rush about in the outside world, dashing from business meetings to social activities and whatever else we can cram into our hectic schedules. So if it seems like life is pulling you back this year and focussing your attention on your home and family, you can take solace in the fact that you will, in some small way, be strengthening the world around you. Perhaps you'll be spending more time with a family member who needs you. Maybe you'll find yourself at home more often, either to improve it or to get the rest you need. None of this is bad. In fact it's actually good. If you can just switch your perception from one of restriction and limitation to one of inner strength and deepening important bonds, you will begin to see the gifts hidden within the challenges. Remind yourself that with each problem you deal with you're earning karmic brownie points and growing in confidence, power and maturity, and strengthening your family unit. It may also help to bear in mind that if we want something we have to work for it, so focus on creating the kind of home or domestic situation you want whilst at the same time accepting your limits.

The one thing you won't have to worry about this year is money. It seems that the universe has singled you out for the golden goose, so whether you're looking for an increase in your income or a more joyful way of earning your living, money is one area that will take care of itself. You should find that you're in a lucky streak and that opportunities to manifest more of what you want are plentiful.

Domestic responsibilities aside, 2018 marks the beginning of an easier phase in your life. The last seven years will have felt like you were plugged in to the mains leaving you feeling a little frayed around the edges. 2018 sees you unplugging from the 'high voltage' and gliding into softer, more mystical waters where your psychic world is about to become a place of revelation.




'Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake.'

~ Francis Bacon


 Jupiter's recent arrival in your sign is cause for celebration, marking a brand new chapter of life. If you feel to have been treading water recently, stagnating or simply coasting along, 2018 will be the year when things happen. By and large those things should be to your liking, but even if you're faced with a Pandora's Box of horrors, defer judgement until after the dust has settled, because it's virtually guaranteed that whatever happens under a Jupiter transit is designed to move you forward into a better situation. You should find in the main though, that 2018 has a benevolent, pleasant feel. Yes, things may happen, but there will be generous and protective undertones to any event and you should find that all is well. Look out for opportunities for fun, growth, pleasure and abundance, for all of these are likely when Jupiter comes to town. The only thing you may need to watch out for which could mar the otherwise positive influences of the year would be a dour, grumpy or complaining attitude. It's not always easy when Saturn journeys through your mental zone to keep a positive spin on things but this is something you must work hard to maintain, because a negative outlook could diminish some of the goodies that Jupiter has lined up for you. So surround yourself with positive-thinking books and uplifting people, or use flower essences and aromatherapy oils to counterbalance negative thoughts and to uplift your soul.


And finally, be tolerant of others. Uranus' entry into your relationship zone in May could bring destabilisation through other people, whether it's a partner or someone else. Changes that aren't to your liking may appear to have nothing to do with you which could lead to impatience and judgment. But look a little closer and you'll see that at some level you played your part in proceedings and that a good dose of compassion for both the other person and yourself will ensure that the year ahead is full of happy surprises.




'Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be a Revelation.'

~ Eileen Caddy


 Sagittarius is famous for its adventurous spirit - to be contained isn't your idea of fun. Nor is too much safety and comfort. You prefer life when it has a little edge. A bit of a zing. Will 2018 bring you this? It will indeed, so long as you're amenable to adventures of the spirit rather than adventures of the body. That's not to say you won't be hopping on planes, trains and automobiles, but you may find that you actually experience more joy from journeying into the psychic world. This could mean taking a course in spiritual development, signing up for a meditation class or exploring tarot cards. If your soul is hungry for artistic expression, unleash your imagination through an art class or pick up a guitar, write a poem or sing a song. There is more to life than working, earning money and tending to one's daily responsibilities. In fact, your work and money may not give you what you're looking for this year and you may find that you need to conserve resources and find alternative ways of enjoying yourself that don't cost much money. It's true that you have the opportunity to become a master of money and to become more empowered in your material world, but this won't be without a struggle and you may need to turn to your intuition to guide you. By making spirit your friend you will find it so much easier to navigate the challenges of your material world - whether that's work, money or your day to day situation which could change from one day to the next - and find yourself in the most enviable position of being a master of both your material and spiritual worlds.



"With determination, discipline and hard work all dreams become a reality."
~ Lailah Gifty Akita

 In 2018 Saturn comes home to Capricorn. This is good news for you because although most people run for cover when they see Saturn loom over the horizon like the grim reaper, he's actually your best friend. Because he's your ruling planet, you understand a thing or two about how to get the best from him. You understand his need for patience, persistence, determination and commitment. You understand his penchant for responsibility and tending to the mundane practicalities of life without complaining. There will be more of all this in 2018 - more responsibility, more need for patience and persistence. You may also need to put your nose to the grindstone and just get on with it. What you will gain at the end of it all will be a real sense of achievement; a sense of pride in all that you accomplish, and you will accomplish a lot this year (and next). Some people will look at you and wonder how you do it - where you get the time. But Saturn is master of time and so are you. You will therefore, find that you do have time for everything you need to do and still have space to relax and enjoy yourself. Uranus moving into your zone of fun will ensure that you will resurrect your playful side, and creativity, hobbies, children or animals could kick start that playful process. Meanwhile, Jupiter in your social zone ensures plenty of happy occasions with friends and acquaintances, groups and organisations. Your role in society could also expand making this the year when it all starts to come together and your dreams come to fruition.


 2018 is a year of wonderful balance: a lovely blend of success and achievement, fun, play, creativity and happy times with your 'tribe.' Your only real challenge this year will be to balance an uncharacteristic rebellious yearning to do your own thing with the need to live within your limits. If you can tread that fine line you should find that 2018 brings you to a pinnacle of your life's journey.



'I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.' 

~ Darynda Jones

 The two main areas of life that will take centre stage in 2018 are your career/vocation and your home/family life. Obviously, these are opposites on the wheel of life, reflecting your private inner world and your public outer world, and it may be that your challenge is to balance the two. And that could be the tricky bit because in a way, it seems like both departments could take on a life of their own. Jupiter's progression through your career zone should make this an effortlessly successful year; a year in which opportunities are plentiful and your role in the outside world enlarges. This is all likely to be source of enjoyment and since happiness at work is vital to happiness elsewhere, you are off to a very good start. It may even be that a new direction emerges, or you find yourself promoted or that success lands on your doorstop. The only thing that could sabotage your success this year is ghosts from the past. This could take the guise of people or it could be emotional unresolved issues that demand your attention. It would be wise therefore, to not suppress any emotional or psychological issues that emerge this year, because doing so will only give them more power. Working with these old ghosts however, will give you more power. One clue that you need to pay attention to your inner world is if your home or family life begins to play up. Any uncertainty or instability here, whether it's family members or your home itself, is probably reflective of your own insecurity. Therefore, getting to know yourself a bit more will be good advice in 2018 and you may choose to do this through counselling, dream work, astrology, psychotherapy, meditation or exploration through art. Doing the inner work will put you in the best possible place to reap the rewards of Jupiter's journey through your professional zone; namely, success, growth, opportunity and great joy through what you have to give to the world.





 'In order to discover new oceans, man must have the courage to lose sight of the shore.'

~ Andre Gide


Adventure is your theme for 2018 as Jupiter in your travel zone until October brings a very optimistic and expansive feel to the year. There should be a feeling of freedom and less heavy responsibility that characterised the last two or three years. Now is the time to set sail for your chosen destination, to follow your dreams or to develop your grand plan. Whilst physical travel is much more likely this year, you may also choose to enjoy journeys of the mind, through study or higher education, or through learning about more esoteric subjects. Certainly, Jupiter will instil a greater desire for meaning, which is the real reason you'll be feeling the urge to travel or study, and any down spots in the year (not that there'll be many) can be alleviated by creating a more fulfilling and meaningful existence. So, good questions to ask yourself at the start of the year include: what gives my life meaning? When do I feel most fulfilled? What parts of my dream or grand plan are yet to be fulfilled? When Uranus enters your mental zone in May your brain will be whirring like never before and you will need an outlet for all this mental energy. If you have a message to communicate, this is the year to take to the podium or the typewriter, or if you have a thirst for knowledge this is the time to bury yourself in books. Remember to ground yourself though, preferably in nature, to discharge all that mental energy, whilst meditation will give your head the space and peace it needs in-between all the thinking and downloading of  ideas and inspiration! The combination of these two planets have a very clear message for you in 2018: expand your sense of what's possible, throw out any old restrictive beliefs, push out of your comfort zone and have the courage to lose sight of the shore so that you may discover new lands.

Copyright: Donna Taylor.




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